Wednesday, 20 May 2009

My Little World of Chaos

Thought I'd let you into a little secret today my little world of chaos.  I have to admit I'm a tiny bit jealous of all you crafters with neat draws and shelves full of supplies.  How ever  hard I try chaos just follows.  I like to think its down to having a 2 year old, but I'm sure my Mum will tell you its always been this way.   For me I just have to have everything around be.  Chaos = inspiration.    I brought this sewing box from a car boot sale the other day I just feel in love with it instantly.  The quality of it is amazing and the little sections are so handy.  Definitely a good buy.  Oh and there's my tin of buttons I just can't help collecting them, most of them I'll probably never use, but I just love them.

Anyway that's a little insight in to my world and you never know maybe one day I'll have the little studio at the bottom of the garden, with shelves and neatly arranged draws.  A girl can always  dream!


  1. Your blog looks great ~ love your sweet dresses. I am now a follower. found you through etsy forums.
    check my blog out if your interested. :)

  2. Your crafts look very organized compared to mine! I should take a pic of mine and show you....I am extremely unorganized. Very nice blog and shop! I love those blue shoes...they are so cute!

  3. i LOVE button tins! when i was little i would sit on the floor with my great grandmothers button tins playing, while she sewed. when she passed away i inherited all of her button tins...i can't make myself use them though. i just open them every now and then, smell the smell, and run my hands through them. it never fails to comfort and make me smile.

  4. I'm an organized crafter but what you have going for ya looks like fun! :)