Thursday, 21 May 2009


I'm pleased to announce that all With Hugs and Kisses products can now be found at DaWanda . So if your looking for that unique babies / children's gift or something special for your little one take a look

Etsy Treasury

With Hugs and Kisses was included in this lovely treasury on Etsy yesterday.created by windowseatbooks it includes some lovely items and ar beautiful colours.  I was so pleased to have my giraffe dress selected. 

Wednesday, 20 May 2009

My Little World of Chaos

Thought I'd let you into a little secret today my little world of chaos.  I have to admit I'm a tiny bit jealous of all you crafters with neat draws and shelves full of supplies.  How ever  hard I try chaos just follows.  I like to think its down to having a 2 year old, but I'm sure my Mum will tell you its always been this way.   For me I just have to have everything around be.  Chaos = inspiration.    I brought this sewing box from a car boot sale the other day I just feel in love with it instantly.  The quality of it is amazing and the little sections are so handy.  Definitely a good buy.  Oh and there's my tin of buttons I just can't help collecting them, most of them I'll probably never use, but I just love them.

Anyway that's a little insight in to my world and you never know maybe one day I'll have the little studio at the bottom of the garden, with shelves and neatly arranged draws.  A girl can always  dream!

Friday, 15 May 2009

With Hugs and Kisses products are now available at Dream Aid.  A wonderful site which  will help people in poorer countries to get there products to markets outside their normal reach, enabling poorer people to make more money then they can selling within their own area and also reduce the the amount they have to sell through agents (who sometimes take a large profit)

A truly worth while cause.  

With Hugs and Kisses is donating a percentage of all sales made through this site to the cause. Please come visit us at Dream Aid

I created my first Etsy treasury yesterday titled "Day at the Seaside".  Had so much fun creating it, there are so many talented Etsy members.  Please take a look

Included in the treasury is this beautiful print by fellow etsy member lindsayart and one of our favourite  dresses from With Hugs and Kisses new collection

Thursday, 14 May 2009

Ok so this is my first entry in my blog.

I just had to tell you about this gorgeous dress I've been making.  I found this lovely animal print fabric in my huge, (and I mean huge) fabric box and have been waiting for ages for the opportunity to use, then the  idea came to me what better then a giraffe dress.  What kid doesn't love giraffes. And I'm already working on the boys dungarees just so the boys aren't left out.

This dress is part of my new children's / babies summer clothing collection, due to launch at the end of June.  We're all very excited about it.  Selected items are already available in my Etsy and Misi store