Friday, 19 November 2010

New Products

You may notice that this weeks new products all have a bird theme, I think I'm a bit obsessed at the moment especiallywith owls. At the moment I'm also enjoying working with pattern whether its delicate papers of bold printed fabrics.

Added to my website this
week are an owl sleepsuit ( blue version coming soon for the boys) and a beautiful bird body suit. Both are hand sewn using the applique method.
When I finally managed to put the sewing machine away I managed to create a cute door sign to go with the popular owl clock, available for sale separately or as this cute gift set.
All items are available for sale on my With Hugs and Kisses website

This weeks I've got a little carried away with the girls, next week I promise to come up with some things for the boys.

Thursday, 4 November 2010

Handmade Halloween

This year after much thought my little boy decided he wanted to be a pirate for Halloween, much improved on the cow he inshisted on being last year. And my baby he probably didn't want to but got no choice he just had to be a pumpkin. This year I was determined to make the costumes myself and get my little boy involved as much as possible.
A week before Halloween we headed to the local fabric shop and came back with a mountain of fabric, not all for Halloween i have to admit. the fabric shop has to be my favourite place in the world i could spend all day there. I made a simple black waist coat with a little pirate badge sewn to the front. the t-shirt was a cheapy that we then painted with black fabric paint.
The bandanna was made from an old pattern i head in the cupboard. the sword was cut from card, painted and covered in foil. an old pair of trousers a few scraps of fabric and there
we have it a pirate.

The pumpkin outfit was made from a simple trouser pattern, the hat two pieces of fabric sewn together and some felt leaves added. The vest was sewn and a cute face appliqued to the front and worn over a stripy orange t-shirt.

I think they both looked very cute.

Cooking's not my strong point, but we did manage some spider cakes, and some gloppy goop.

The pumpkin of cause is sat on the front door, its not the best pumpkin as i left it to the last minute and all the best ones had gone. this is my second attempt the first was much better but that got dropped on the floor and smashed every where so this was a bit of a rush job. Not too bad tho for my first year at pumpkin carving. I've seen some amazing pumpkins around this year, next year I promise to put much more effort in.

A few ghosts for the front room, and there we have it

Happy Halloween!

Hope you all had a lovely Halloween, any pumpkin recipes greatly appreciated